Who We Are

Premier Recycle is a full service hauler and recycler. We operate differently than most dumpster firms because we are not a garbage company. Every load is sorted and recycled to the highest possible limit, exceeding even the most stringent of standards.


With Premier Recycle, recycling is made easy!

There is no need to sort material yourself. Just fill it, and we do the rest. Our services include the hauling and sorting of construction project, home remodel, demolition, and general cleanup material.


An Edge Ahead

Premier Recycle Company owns and operates our own sorting facility. We specialize in tracking the composition and recycle rate of each load that enters our facility. We humbly challenge potential customers to find higher recycle rates.


Why are Premier Recycle Company’s services important in the world today?

City and state regulatory requirements are increasing at an alarming rate. Although a great victory for the environment, many people do not see how it affects the way they conduct business.

Many Bay Area cities require that construction/demolition projects recycle a certain percentage of waste material. Premier Recycle operates far above and beyond what is asked, and answer only to our duty to protect the environment.