Construction and Demolition Recycling

Premier Recycle Company is committed to serving our customers with the utmost professionalism you deserve.


Green Construction/Demolition Materials Sorting and Hauling:

Premier Recycle provides unmatched service as a C&D materials hauler for your construction or demolition project. We operate with guaranteed next day service, with the majority of projects able to be serviced same day. By removing the headache of separating different types of materials into its own bin, Premier allows you to save valuable time and money. Our recycle containers allow for the highest weight limit in the Bay Area, once again saving the trouble of ordering additional bins.


L.E.E.D. And Build It Green Projects:

LEED and Build It Green are national and state recognized standards of sustainable building that are designed to encourage environmentally sound construction. These standards are strictly followed to ensure the best use of today’s technological advances in green building.

Premier Recycle Company is proud to be the leader in material tracking from our detailed sorting operations. We are able to provide project specific reports, detailing individual bin composition, and separate material types and weights to the tenth of a ton. This information is processed at no extra charge and can be customized to fit your demands.


CDDD Deposit (San Jose) and other recycling requirements:

San Jose’s CDDD Program (Construction and Demolition Diversion Deposit Program) was designed to reduce the amount of recyclable material entering landfills. Most building permits pulled through the city of San Jose have this fee attached and is paid up-front. Premier Recycle has been selected as one of the few processors certified to help contractors receive reimbursement for this deposit.

Premier Recycle is familiar with all city regulatory requirements and can help your company step-by-step with solid waste management issues that may arise.

More information on the CDDD Program can be found at: