Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t Premier Recycle operate in every city?

If Premier is unable to work in your city, it typically means your city has entered into an exclusive franchise agreement with a single garbage hauler. In simple terms, the city has established a monopoly by forcing you to deal with a single hauler. It may be illegal in your city to work with a company that is not the exclusive franchised hauler, even if you want to recycle. If this arrangement seems disturbing, please contact your city manager and call your city council.

Is Premier Hiring? (Career Opportunities)

Premier Recycle Company is always on the lookout for talented individuals who we think would make a valued member of our team. If a position is unavailable we will be happy to keep your information on file for our next available opening. Please contact our office to submit your resume.

Does Premier Recycle charge for delivery and rental?

No. You will never see a rental or delivery charge on a Premier Recycle Company invoice. If you or your company has not yet set up an account, we do ask that you prepay the bin pickup with a Credit Card (All major credit cards accepted).

What are Premier’s operating hours?

Our office is open from 5am to 4pm on weekdays. Bin service times are typically between 6am and 2pm on weekdays, with some prearranged Saturday service at Premier’s discretion (extra charge applies).

Does Premier Buy Metal?

Yes. Premier Recycle will quote a price based on quantity, distance to jobsite, and market rates. We purchase larger quantities of non-ferrous metal that is type sorted. We do not purchase mixed or unsorted non-ferrous metal. In many cases, having Premier Recycle Company handle both your metal and mixed C&D debris, your metal payments can significantly offset the cost of the mixed material. Please call our office for more details.

Why are there no prices on the website?

Because of the market volatility of commodities, prices can change. We draft custom proposals on a project specific basis, taking into consideration project length, scope, and material.