San Jose Residential Cleanup Special

Limited Time Only!!

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Let's be honest... much as you want this junk to be hipster vintage goods… We’ll help spare you the trouble.

We have 3 convenient bin sizes to help you with your inner clean freak


Our bins are great for cleaning up the extra debris from around the house, remodeling material, or just cleaning out the garage. We have a helpful staff that will set you up in a matter of minutes. Please mention the SJ Cleanup Special for these limited time rates. They won’t last forever.


Offer valid for residents within San Jose City Limits only

Don't forget to mention the special when you call!


40yd $519

Limit 3.5 tons (7000 lbs.)

20yd $419

Limit 2.5 tons (5000 lbs.)


10yd $349

Limit 1.5 tons (3000 lbs.)

Allowed material for 40yd, 20yd, and 10yd (All Sizes). residential cleanup bins only:

  • Furnature

  • Old Yard Equipment

  • Kids Plastic Playhouses

  • Clothes

  • Knicknacks

  • Basement Junk

  • Mattresses

  • Kitchen Junk

  • Misc Material

  • NO Concrete/Inert Material (please order normal 10yd concrete only bin)

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