Preserving Our Future



We conserve natural resources through careful attention to detail, and a persistence to achieve the highest standard in recycling


Over 395 million tons of construction and demolition material is generated in the United States each year. Much of this is wasted.

We aim to fix this problem, and preserve tomorrow by partnering with like-minded construction, demolition, and remodeling professionals to create a bright future. Join our journey to build something great.



Dumpster Service

We provide a variety of sizes to accommodate any project from the largest high-rise building to a small house remodel. We will be on time.

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Construction and Demolition Material Recycling

Premier Recycle Company operates our own Materials Recovery and Sorting Facility. All of our work is done in house.


LEED and Waste Management Plan Consulting

You have a construction project to run, let us do the hard work for you. We can help with every regulatory and compliance step along the way.


Our Projects

Premier has had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the business.


Sustainable Mission

Premier Recycle Company is committed to helping our customers track and achieve their project recycling goals. Having been involved in thousands of LEED and Green Building projects across the Bay Area for the past two decades, we continually push the limits for detailed C&D diversion and tracking. We are proud that our continued efforts have achieved the nations most stringent 3rd party certification from the Recycling Certification Institute.


Construction and Demolition Material Recycling

We really are different.


Recycle Bins for Every Job

Unrivaled service. Period.


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