Recycle Bins/Dumpsters


Premier Recycle Company is the unmatched leader in service. We offer three different size bins for your construction or demolition project. 

We understand that your time is valuable, and on a jobsite, time=money. Our experienced and professional team will make sure you are never left waiting.


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40yd Dumpster


40yd Bin
Approximate Measurements:

40 Cubic Yards in Volume
Length: 20ft
Width: 8ft
Height: 8ft


20yd Dumpster


20yd Bin
Approximate Measurements:

20 Cubic Yards in Volume
Length: 20ft
Width: 8ft
Height: 4ft

10yd Dumpster


10yd Bin
Approximate Measurements:

10 Cubic Yards in Volume
Length: 10ft
Width: 8ft
Height: 4ft



What CAN be placed in the bins?


Construction and Demolition Bins on Jobsites or Home Remodels:


Construction/Demo 40yd and 20yd. Only the following materials:

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Cardboard

  • Drywall

  • Plastic

  • Misc. Construction/Demo Debris


Construction/Demo 10yd. Only the following materials:

  • Dry Broken Concrete

  • Concrete with Rebar

  • Dirt

  • Brick

  • Rock

  • Gravel/Sand

  • Stucco and Plaster

  • Porcelain

  • Tile and Ceramic Roofing


Residential Cleanup Bins


Residential Clean Up Bins. All Sizes. Only the following materials:

  • Furnature

  • Old Yard Equipment

  • Kids Plastic Playhouses

  • Clothes

  • Knicknacks

  • Basement Junk

  • Mattresses

  • Kitchen Junk

  • Misc Material

  • NO Concrete/Inert Material. Must order construction/demo 10yd bin.