We Really Are Different

Just having a hauler "get the waste out of sight" is unfortunately the status quo in our industry. This is not the way Premier operates.

We view our role as a valuable subcontractor on your project. By being intimately involved in material hauling, subcontractor training, waste management planning meetings, and detailed tracking of off-hauled material, we are a part of your overall strategy to achieve a higher standard of green building. 

Dumpster Service and Material Recycling

Premier Recycle Company can supply large dumpsters to your construction or demolition site to haul excess material back to our in-house materials recovery facility. Since we have full control over the process, we have an added advantage in quickly identifying potential ways to increase recycling success.


Construction & Demolition Materials Recycling

Construction and demolition (C&D) materials are those items left over at a construction, renovation or demolition site. These often discarded but viable commodities can be recycled into new products or reused in a variety of forms. When perceived as waste, disposal of C&D materials is often viewed simply as another expense and recycling and reusing these materials is often times overlooked as a potential added headache. Premier Recycle Company makes recycling an easy to reach option without adding to the costs.


Sustainable Mission

Premier Recycle Company is committed to helping our customers track and achieve their project recycling goals. Having been involved in thousands of LEED and Green Building projects across the Bay Area for the past two decades, we continually push the limits for detailed C&D diversion and tracking. We are proud that our continued efforts have achieved the nations most stringent 3rd party certification from the Recycling Certification Institute.



What We’ve Achieved

We are proud to keep an average of 150 MILLION pounds of recyclable construction material from going to local landfill each year!


How We Do It

Having LEED accredited employees, Premier Recycle Company has the know-how and experience to take your project to the next level. 

We provide unmatched service as a Construction and Demolition materials hauler for your construction or demolition project. By removing the headache of separating different types of materials into separate bins, Premier saves you valuable time and money by doing the sorting at our facility. 

By operating our own proprietary materials sorting facility, we are able to track and sort material down to project specific commodity recovery rates. Our highly skilled sorting team assesses all material for recyclable content and documents it for each shipment. The sorted material is then reconstituted and processed into marketable commodities.


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