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Sorting and Recovery Facility

Our 76,000 sq ft facility is located in the heart of the South San Jose Downtown area, where we process over 150 Million pounds of construction debris per year. 

How We Sort

Premier Recycle Company specializes in working with clients with strong sustainable goals. We utilize heavy machinery aided with the care and support of personal hand sorting, giving us our informational advantage for the client. 

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Documentation and Consistency

Our scale and loadcheck personnel go through a rigorous training process where they become well versed in material types, composition, and recyclable material markets. Most supervisors are LEED accredited. We keep photographic documentation of each and every load that comes through our doors. 

We Know Your Material

Utilizing our unique hand sorting techniques, we are able to document an enormous amount of information about your specific jobsite material. We have the ability to track differing quantities of material in each load, and report the status back to you. 


Material Drop Off


We allow clients with large transfer trailers, fixed bed dump trucks, or dumpsters, to bring demo, mixed construction debris, or source separated material directly to our facility. We provide the same level of detailed documentation and weight receipts you expect with our own dumpster service. Please contact the office to set up an account, as we are not open for unannounced public drop-off.


Accepted Materials

We accept any of the materials below along with mixed construction/demo debris, with the exception of Putrescible (waste that will rot), Food waste, Hazardous waste, Liquids, Biological waste, or Radioactive Waste.